Eurobike 2017: The Weird And Wonderful Part 2

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And WonderfulEurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful

If you missed the PG-rated part one of Eurobike’s weird and wonderful, here it is. Much like we did with Eurobike itself, let’s fire ourselves into part two with reckless abandon.

Kindshock were displaying a whopping 250mm, infinite travel, crotch-grabber dropper post, which Wil wrote about here. The bike industry has done slacker, lower, longer, could the next trend be… taller?

Robe and wizard hat optional.
Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Ideal for your BMX.

By day 3, especially in the face of …read more